FlexWorld Series 2024

May 21, 8AM EDT | Online

Join us for the largest coworking tech conference in the world.

About FlexWorld Series

FlexWorld Series 2024 is the most innovative and groundbreaking coworking conference of the year. Designed to unleash the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the future of the flexible workspaces, FlexWorld is a gathering of some of the most forward-thinking industry leaders, workspace operators, innovators, and professionals from around the globe.

So whether you’re a seasoned flex workspace operator, or a business leader navigating the future of work in these unchartered waters, FlexWorld Series 2024 will offer invaluable insights and inspiration to help you and your organization thrive in this rapidly evolving world of flexible workspaces.

Speakers to be announced soon!

  • Miro Miroslavov

    CEO, OfficeRnD

  • Ben Munn

    Managing Director and Global Lead, JLL Flex

  • Sarah Travers

    CEO, Workbar

  • Tony Aleksandrov

    Co-Founder and CEO, WorkBetter

  • Hasan Mirjan

    CEO, SphereMail

  • Erin Maxson

    Head of Digital, COhatch

  • Alex Rabarts

    Co-Founder and Innovation & Technology Director, Techspace

  • Consuelo Ortiz

    Senior Manager, Wi-Fi Alliance

  • Hector Kolonas

    Co-founder, Syncaroo

  • Martin Benuska

    Founder, IronWiFi

  • Hilary Platt

    Account Executive, Stripe

  • Alexander Vodola

    Director of Business Development, IronWiFi

  • Ivan Guberkov

    VP Product, OfficeRnD

  • Michael Everts

    Product Marketing Team Lead, OfficeRnD

  • Radoslav Enchev

    Senior Product Manager, OfficeRnD

  • Miryana Stancheva, Ph.D.

    Business Operations Manager, OfficeRnD

  • Viliyana Mutafova

    Customer Success Manager, OfficeRnD

Agenda coming soon…

FlexWorld 2023 by the numbers

The first-ever FlexWorld event took place in October 2021, featuring experts in coworking and flex spaces, real estate, technology and hybrid work from all over the world. Here's how it evolved to date.
  • 17

  • 500+

  • 32

    countries present
  • 9.6/10

    satisfaction rate

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